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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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coming to town. the change he can expect in the forecast. right now at 11:00, less than an hour away from christmas. the change we can expect in the forecast. good evening, i am vicky nguyen, terry mcsweeney is off. christmas is approaching and so is a chance of rain. seeing a warmup and maybe some rain. >> the chance of rain is going to come from the north bay. we are picking some of it up on the radar but no measurable amounts. still a chance of showers.
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50 degrees, south bay 50 degrees and overnight lows expected to remain for the most part. so as far as i can see, based on the radar, we do have a little bit of trailing in terms of showers. 24-hour temperature change isn't going to be noticeable. a slight warm up for those temperatures. i will show you all about it. we have a great way for you to track the forecast with our free nbc bay area apps. the pope used the christmas eve mass today to call attention to the might go grants and refugees. people who were forced to flee their homes. heavy security for the mass and it is the fifth delivered by this pope.
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and knew at 11:00, christmas eve and forced out of his home, a house fire in san jose started in the garage and spread to the rest of the home. the owner was inside at the time. but he is okay. firefighters say one bedroom in the home is destroyed as well as the garage. firefighters say the homeowner has lived in the house for 40 years. able to get him out successful. a group of teenagers attacked a bart rider. police arrested some of the attackers. sergio quintana has the latest on the attack. >> reporter: happened last night at 7:30. a swarm of deteenagers attacked
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the rider and someone was able to steal his phone. several in the group punched him and someone was able to pry away his phone. when the train stopped a group of teens tried to run away. bart police were quickly alerted. officers were able to catch several teens. and this incident has rattled riders. >> it is horrible. people are not safe anymore. >> it is sad this happens at this point in time of peoples' lives. hopefully the guy is okay. >> reporter: unfortunately for the victim of the attack, he was not able to identify any of the teens who were arrested as someone who stole his phones. >> this was probably maybe six months ago sort of the same thing was happening in san
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leandro where people were letting assaulted and robs. >> reporter: a bart spokesperson said investigators are going to get the security camera video from board the bart train to use as part of the investigation. in el cerrito, i am sergio quintana. a night out in a bar turned deadly in serrano koutd. it happened at dunphy's tavern. >> two people hurt in a crash. you can see one car there flipped over after the collision. firefighters quickly ran to the scene and started treating people and thankfully no one was
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serious injured. holiday cheer filled st. james park today. in addition to food, volunteers were out there giving away warm blankets and food. >> a lot of homeless people who eat food here. >> reporter: 4300 homeless people in san jose and a third of them sleep outside in the streets. thom jensen shows us visiting a show that is only on this time of year. >> reporter: a holiday tradition for a lot of people. a great way to get the holiday spirit stoked on christmas eve. the drive down the block of
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eucalyptus avenue is like no other in the area. this family came from belmont. planning to make this tradition especially with the latest addition to the family. >> six months ago. his first christmas. >> reporter: others are veterans coming here for several years now. >> fascination of how much people put into their houses here. i put up a few strands and it was enough. >> reporter: cruising the streets in their christmas wrapped jeep, part of the tradition. >> everybody get together and pull together to do this for the season. >> reporter: now fully charged with holiday cheer, off to home where most of the people we talked to will be spending christmas day. if you haven't had a chance to
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get out here and see the lights, they will be up until 11:00 tomorrow night on christmas. >> looks gorgeous out there. guatemala moving the embassy. inspired by president trump moving the capitol in jerusalem. and it is turning out to be a beautiful night overlooking san francisco tonight. i will talk about the slight chances that we may see rain and snow for the sierra. and i will have all the details coming up in just a bit. stay with us. rockefeller center in new york.
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windy but dry ...and what a sight--those lights twinkling bgh let's give you a live look outside right now. that is rockefeller center in new york. and that massive tree. those lights twinkling bright. vianey arana will join us with the local forecast. president talks to troops around the world. all stationed in qatar,
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guantanamo bay. >> defending all of our families, our freedoms and our flag. every american is thankful for and you asking god to watch over you. >> for the 16th year, american troops are celebrating christmas in afghanistan. soldiers sang songs and lit candles and enjoyed a uso show. new at 11:00, a big move for guatemala tonight. embassy is currently in tel-aviv, and the move comes
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after six other nations voted against a un -- since president trump made his announcement. and it was a smaller crowd in bethlehem today. the reason said to be because. clashes between israeli forces and palestinian protesters. there were no clashes today. but palestinian officials scaled back celebrations to protest the president decision. >> to show the people that we are people refused trump de declaration and we are looking for our freedom, and our human dignity. cool weather and rain in the
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forecast also may have kept people at home. airport reunion always make for a heart warming sight that captures the true reason for home for the holidays. ♪ ♪ >> i'm waiting for my husband, he is coming from afghanistan. been there seven years, comes home every six to eight months. ♪ ♪
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>> we are waiting for my sister. 14 years we have been waiting for her. ♪ >> my husband has been in el salvador. 14 years since he hasn't seen them. >> first time since he has left that we will have five of us under one roof. >> fell liz navidad.
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>> merry christmas and happy holidays. >> vianey arana is here now. >> shaping out to be a nice overnight. tracking the chance of some rain and radar still showing action in the north bay but this system is light. mostly dry conditions for christmas morning. great news especially if you weren't looking forward to the rain. looks like we are going to end december off in a dry note. peninsula 50 degrees and south bay also in those fifties. we are still seeing a couple of clouds out there. 49 degrees for san francisco. overnight lows since yesterday has been slightly warmer thanks
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to high cloud cover that has kept us above normal. in napa one degree normal at this hour since we were yesterday. tomorrow we are expecting yet again another spare the air alert. looks like the air quality is getting better, at least, for the east bay and pen inciden-- peninsula. it is illegal for wood burning. a lot of wood burning is typically one of the highest reasons and causes for that poor air quality during the winter. tomorrow's forecast warmer and clearer in terms of the cloud cover. all of the sunshine for the coast, the bay and the inland, plenty of it. 61 degrees expected in oakland. 60 for san jose and 60 for san
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francisco. looking at the long range models, we had this storm system that was sitting off to the pacific and now starting to track east. monday by christmas day, that storm system to be completely out of the area. overnight trailing behind, i see a band of rain that might bring light chance for the north bay and same for tahoe. we start to see some nice clear skies and guess what, have some high pressure dominating. if you are traveling in terms of that forecast, like i am heading to l.a. tonight. dealing with good conditions. temperatures in the 60s. also santa barbara. change in our weather pace which will make for a nice december and a dry one.
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in fact my mom, my dad, and my family are literally watching this on the live stream. hola, ma y pa. >> just ahead, a home catches fire. christmas.
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late this afternoon... down to the wire, a lot of people shopping for presents on the last day before smachls late this afternoon, san francisco union square was packed with last minute shoppers. a number of shoppers told us they weren't just procrastinating but someone new
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popped onto the nice list or making exchanges. >> reporter: last minute exchange? >> uh-huh. for christmas, you have to get the right size. >> counting on those late shoppers to bring in a windfall. you may have one of these waiting to be unwrapped tomorrow morning and if so, it is an award winning toy. named its toy of the year. animal kingdom mega pack by animal planet. they say it inspires mindful play and nurture. looked how the children played with different toys and watched the kid's learning pattern and cooperation and how they talked about the toys and how creative they were. the toys are exclusive to toys
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"r" us. popular movie, "christmas vacation." take a look at this damage at a home in menlo park. around 6:00 this morning, a neighbor called when she found smoke. a pg&e crew had discovered a squirrel had chewed through the wire of a doorbell. the legend of jimmy g continues to grow. highlights of their latest victory, next.
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[drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward.
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blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] merry christmas everybody. dave feldman at levi stadium where the san francisco 49ers
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poured in 44 points on the entire nfl. one of the main reasons they did it is jimmy g. 6-0 as an nfl starter. has led the 49ers to four straight wins. 242 yards. o one rushing touchdown. one pick. jimmy g is a winner. don't ask me, ask his head coach. >> has played great. continue to do it today. everyone around him are playing better too. today, get in that many points we don't do that without the defense either. >> it is awesome. things are going good right now. there is a buzz in the air and you can feel it as soon as you walk into the stadium. the crowd is going nuts and just
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in pre game. it is exciting. >> speaking of excitement, hyde for next year's contender. >> just now? >> sure did. >> i'll talk to him about that. i don't know, we are dealing with the rams next year and we'll look at everything else after that. >> reporter: super bowl talk may be premature as i bring in my partner dennis brown, but you can't overexaggerate what a difference jimmy g has made. >> it is incredible. the 49ers have been looking for that guy to come in and be efficient on that offensive side of the football. you look at the running backs, the receivers, and the defense side it gives you confidence to come out and play. >> reporter: you are a big hoops fan, you love the warriors, on christmas day the warriors are going to take on the cavs, this is a rematch of the nba finals a
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year ago which the golden state warriors and kevin durrant won. they will meet christmas tomorrow. >> christmas day, national tv. our finals opponents from three straight years i don't need the rogny speech >> the only place to be is nbc sports bay area. 11:00 a.m. our warrior edition. and immediately after the game check us out by the post game show, the warriors edition. and that will do it from levi
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stadium where the san francisco 49ers rack up 44 points. merry christmas everybody. one check of santa now. norad tracker is being watched around the world. he has made it to the usa and over great falls, montana. t made sure those calls got to st. nick and now we get to see him. christmas eve mass from the vat tan is next. from all of us, merry christmas and good night. >> merry christmas.
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now, a special christmas presentation from nbc news. ♪ >> from the vatican in rome, christmas eve at st. peter's basilica. the celebrant of midnight mass is pope francis with music by the sistine chapel choir. this broadcast is presented in consultation with the united states conference of catholic bishops. the commentator is father manuel dorantes, who is pastor of immaculate conception in chicago and secretariat for


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